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RSD is the best and the biggest Tattoo studio in Cambodia. The First Studio with (who use) International standards.
Our Team consists of a selection of Professional Artist which are well trained in different Styles, Like: Traditional Khmer, Japanese, Bamboo, Yant, Realistic, Old school, New School.
RSD includes 5 tattoo Studios in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and a school for young Talents.

Our Events & Activities

បងនឹងប្រឹង By : SIDEN FT YUDY

RSD TATTOO 2nd ទីតាំងហាងចាក់សាក់

Tattoo in Phnom Penh RSD tattoo studio on CNC TV (Your health)

RSD TATTOO ស្ទូឌីយោសាក់រូបល្អ

Rsd6 tattoo studio at siem reap / CAMBODIA

RSD tattoo studio The best tattoo studio in cambodia

Trust me ...! khmer song Original by Rsd yudy

RSD tattoo studio on CTN TV

RSD the best and the biggest tattoo studio in cambodia

Rsd Tattoo Countdown


February 28,2014Events

Boulevard Club Cambodia


February 28,2014Events

Rsd Tattoo Valentine Day


February 28,2014Events


March 21,2015 Events

Rsd Go to Pagoda


 RSD On Cambodia today Newspaper

Rsd Newspaper


Rsd Show